Monday, 6 November 2017


31-10-17. Me & My Sister go on the Minehead Bus to Watchet. What a Delightful Place & Harbour. Watchet is So Relaxing. Wonderful Mix of Shops & Bars. Was Fascinated by the Statue & Tale Surrounding " Yankee Jack ". A Real Mariner Named John Short. Collected for Posterity. A Great Collection of Sea Songs & Sea Shanty,s For The Folk Tradition. Had Lunch at the Bell. Good Cheese & Pickle Sandwich. With Crisps & Salad. Complete with a Fine Real Ale. Was Saddened to Hear of the Last Delivery of Carlsburg. To the Said Mentioned Bell. A End Of a Era. Many Carlsburg Drivers, Laid Off. Before Travelling Back to Taunton. Enjoy Blackcurrant & Cream, Ice Cream Cone.

Saturday, 7 October 2017


Sheffield ( The Steel City ). Has a Fine Collection of Wall Murals. Decided to Showcase a Few. Even Though it is a Grey October Day. Charles Street Graffiti. Faunagraphic Mural of Blue Tits. Phlegm - Mural on the Side of Flockton House. Westfield House. Westfield Terrace. Phlegm is a Sheffield Based Muralist & Artist. His Formative Work Being in Spain & Australia. Will Roberts. Part of a Sheffield Street Art Walk. " The Snog " Mural on Fagans Pub. Broad Street. By Sheffield Artist. Peter Mckee. These are a Few. Among Many. Graffiti is a Subjective Art Form. You Love it or Hate it. Still in Berlin. There is Now a Graffiti Museum.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


26-11-16. Fine Breakfast at Radisson. Tottenham Court Road. Hard Working & Efficient Dining Staff. Check Out. Late November Sun, In Eye line. Still Wait for Green Man Signal at Pedestrian Crossing. Have Weird Looks. From Fast Living Londoners. When i will Not Cross. Am Far More Used to Not Jay Walking. Or a Fine in Praha !. Go to Daunt Books. Cate Blanchett Marvels at it. In Evening Standard Magazine. She is in Good Company !. Being a Bookworm. Cannot Visit Londyn Without Trying. Purchase, Slovak Writer. Ursula Kovalyk, " The Equestrienne " + Vladislav Vancura " Summer Of Caprice ". Northern Line Tube is Closed Down. Security Alert. So Have to Walk to Euston. For Opening Time at Euston Tap. Sad News Today. Death of World Icon, Fidel Castro. Find it Distasteful . People Celebrating His Death in Miami. Drink Only Half,s. Bernard Light Pilsner. Hopcraft " Corazon De Oro " 5-2 abv. To Finish, Howling Hops " Ruby Red ", 5-2 abv. Raw Londyn November Air. Musical Backdrop in Bar. Cat Stevens " Wild World ". " Where Do You Go To My Lovely " & " The Piano Man ". Take Londyn Train Home To Sheffield. Not Before Glancing at the British Library. Statue by Eduardo Paolozzi Of Newton. Modeled on Blakes Newton. At British Library. Every Printed Book. Has a Cataloging. Very Interesting Fact !. After Reaching Home. Visit Mother. At Signature, Loxley Park. Then Watch Strictly Come Dancing. Addictive.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


25-11-16. Black Friday. Sheffield is Grey. Midlands - London. Winter Sun Shines !. Locate My Radisson Hotel in Fitzrovia. Check in with Lady on Desk, from Estonia. Who also Gives Me Good Directions - Radisson Sister Hotel. In Nearby Bloomsbury. Deserve Drink. Rising Sun. 46 Tottenham Court Road. Fitzrovia. W1T 2ED. Have Free Copy of London Evening Standard. Owner, Evgeny Lebedev. Has Other Title. The Independent. Now Only Available on the Net. Much Missed in Newspaper Content. Evening Standard is a Very Good Read.In A Earlier Rising Sun Visit. Enjoyed a Very Good Pie. Fine Beer Choice Too. Settle For Hackney " Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale " 5-0 abv. Enjoyable Pint !. While The Fun Lasts. Have a Half of Trumans " Blindside ". Golden Ale. 4-3 abv. One Gripe. Barmaid I Think has Got out of the Wrong Side of the Bed !. Milk Would Sour, in Her Mood !. Other Foreign Barmaid, is Fine. Smiles. All Sweetness & Light. Must Return to Hotel. Shower & Change. For the Evening.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


While in Cambridge. My Sister gave Me a Signed Copy. Of " Sandlands ". By Rosy Thornton. Read it with a Open Mind. Found the Book. Very Enjoyable. Suffolk is Not a Area. I Know Very Well. One Day Stay at Ipswich. For a Speedway International Test Match. Cannot Form a Opinion in Such a Short Visit. Heard Many Times. Suffolk is Flat. Reading the Book. This is Not True. Book is Collection of Short Stories. All Set in Suffolk. Featuring among many Things. Nature & Folk Stories. Gives Readers Local Area Knowledge. My Favourite Stories Being. The Watcher Of Souls, The Level Crossing & The Witch Bottle. Wondered if the Author. Considered Putting a Map in the Book. As Many of the Stories Entwine in the Same Area. Think if Translated in to Czech. Book would provide Many Sales. Rosy was My Sisters Tutor. While She Studied in Cambridge. She is Now a Fellow & Tutor at Cambridge, Emmanuel College. She Also Supports Ipswich Town. Football Team. Which is Fine by Me. They Usually. Beat My Rival City Team !. Book Encourages Me. To Read Further Author Content.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


20-10-16. Help Mumbi Man. With Manchester Airport Information. Plus He His also by Coincidence. On My Lufthansa Connecting Flight to Frankfurt. He to See His Family in India. Me to Praha, to See Loved One. Slight Flight Delay. Mean,s I Miss My Connection. There is Worse Place,s to Be Delayed !. Frankfurt Airport. While Huge Hub. Has Everything Anybody Need,s. New Flight Arranged. Being a Lufthansa Problem. Receive a Ten Euro Food Voucher. And, with Some of My Old Euro,s. Buy,s Lunch. Many Place,s to Choose. Settle for Hausmann,s. Terminal 1. 60547, Frankfurt. Order, Soup & Pasta. Whaleworm - Tortella CC. Braised Steinchampignon,s & Green Herb,s. Very Tasty !. Still Suffering with a Bad Cold. Stomach Not Too Great, As Well. Now Order Pot of Mint Tea, Wonderful !. Before Moving to My New Transit Gate. Drink Bottle of Black Nizza, Imperial. Cerne, Beige Head. Dark Fruit,s & Chocolate. Appeal,s to My Palate !. Delay did not Alter My Plan,s Too Much. Planned to Eat in Praha. Though Three Hour,s Late. Still Eaten & Relaxed.

Sunday, 9 October 2016


2-9-16. So, it,s Now on to the Art,s Picturehouse. To View Pedro Almodovar Film " Julieta ". The Art,s Picturehouse. Is a Lovely Cinema. Wish it was My Home Film Venue. Has Charm, plus the Staff are Great. See Film Trailer for " Anthropoid ". Convincing Me to Watch. The Following Week in Sheffield. Tonight,s Film Inspired By a Canadian Book. Almodovar Toyed with the Idea of Filming in English. Have No Problem,s at all with Sub Title,s Though. Film Based in Madrid. Then Far Away on the Spanish Coastline. Female Lead is Played by Two Actor,s. One Younger Life, Other Older. Excellent, Adriana Ugarte & Emma Suarez. Young Julieta is On a Train. Man Comes in to Her Compartment. Begin,s Talking. She Think,s He His Coming on to Her. So She Quickly Leave,s. There Upon She Comes Across a Lusty Fisherman. Who You Guess it. She Fall,s Head Over Heel,s With !. Before Long, Train Run,s in to a Object !. Man Who She Scorned Earlier !. This Did Not Stop Her Though. Romping with the Fisherman on the Train !. Film Continue,s Through Her life. With Harsh Consequence,s. Must Mention Though. The Housekeeper, Creepy is Not the Word !. Sinister, Plus from Hell, Maybe be Better !. Great Cinematography, Plus Fine Soundtrack. On Leaving, Cambridge, Never Looked So Beautiful. In the Rain !. Leave Back Home Next Day. ( 3-9-16 ). Not Before a Christ College, Fine Breakfast. Which is All Sourced within 50 Mile,s in East Anglia. Good Picture Stare,s Down at Me. While Eating. Lord Todd Of Trumingdon, Enjoyed a Excellent Break.