Thursday, 24 October 2013

BLISS - - - - - UNTIL !.

20-10-2013. Early Start. City Cars Taxi. To National Bus Station, Sheffield. Coach - London. Rain Showers. Leave Coach at Marble Arch. Speakers Corner, In All its Glory. Windy, Turns to Lovely Day. Sunny !. Walk Round the Serpentine & Hyde Park. Family,s, Couples & Tourists. At Their Leisure. Swan,s & Ducks Enjoying the Late Autumn. Bliss. Here to View the Sackler Gallery. Architecture at its Best. As Far as I am Concerned. Designed By Anglo - Iraqi, Zara Hadid. To the Side of Grade 2 Listed Building. A Old Gun Powder Depot. Valuable Addition to the Serpentine Gallery. Nice Photo Opportunity. Or So I Think !. Tourists Take Photos. Its A Given. I Always give them Courtesy. Its Their Memory,s. Just Going to Take My Photo. Man just Ambles Across. Astounded. I Say " Excuse Me ! ". Man, in a Stuffy, Whine Like Way, States " It Is A Public Place ". Sarcasm Not His Greatest Point !. First Reaction. Was to Plant My Fist In His Mouth !. Though I Am a Lover, Not A Fighter !. Think Words Like Prosim, Please, Or Excuse Me. A Better Tactic. Works. See Manners, Cost Nothing.

Friday, 28 June 2013


26/6/13. Been Wanting to Try the Milestone, for Ages. My Sister seeing it on Gordon Ramsey. She is Also interested in the Cooking Courses they Operate. Book Available too. Good Decor, Wooden Floors. From Menu, I choose the Mushroom Risotto. Best I Have had. Strong Taste of Parmesan. Came with Truffle, done in Wild Garlic Oil. Must have a Sweet. Carrot Cake, Carrot Puree. With Coriander Jelly. Plus Cream Cheese & Walnut Parfait. Delightful. My Sisters Rare Breed Sausage & Mash. Was Good Too. I Drank Sierra Nevada, " Kellerweis ", Wheat Beer. Eventful Meal.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


16/6/13. Sunday Morning. Relaxed Walk. Small Breakfast on the Agenda. No Fast Food Outlets !. Main News, Syria. Robert Fisk, Well Respected by Me. Says it as it is. Earls Court, Cosmopolitan, has Relaxed Feel. Have Scrambled Eggs on Toast. At Bohemian, Bencho, 151 Earls Court Road. Drink nice Latte Coffee. Get Ready to Travel Back to Sheffield.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


13/4/13. Now to Meet Long Time Friend Michael. Big Birmingham Brummie Speedway Fan. Meet at the " Post Office Vaults ". 84 New Street. Birmingham B2 4BA. As Name Suggests. Deep Down. So Deep, could not send Mobile Phone SMS. They have Large Selection of Bottled World Beers. 338 to be Precise. Would have Liked Regent Bohemia Dark Lager, CZ. 4-4 abv. Did not want to mix drinks. Michael just back from NZ. Good choice of Real Ales. Started with Titanic " Plum Porter ", 4-9 abv. Not One of their Better ones. Then had Salopian " Oracle ", 4-0 abv. Straw Coloured , US Hopped Beer. Much Better. Repeat the Dose !. Busy Bar for Late Saturday Afternoon. Enjoyed. Ready for Something to Eat. Continue on to Briar Rose. 25 Bennett,s Hill. Birmingham B2 5RE. Wetherspoon,s International Beer Festival, is on. Packed, Lucky to get a Table. Had Half,s of Hawkshead American Red. US, Red Ale. 4-2 abv. And, Good George Pacific Pearl. 5-5 abv. NZ Black IPA. Food Much Needed. American Hot Dog, with Mustard & Chips. Filled a Hole !. One More for The Road !. Conwy Riptide. Another Black IPA. 4-3 ABV. Sheffield & Derby, well Starred for Real Ale. Real Ale Buffs, Know though. Birmingham is Very Under Rated. The Wellington, another Good Bar. This is not even Scratching the Surface. Must Get Train Home Now to Sheffield. Good Day Out, with Pleasant Company.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


20/3/13. Was in Two Mind,s To Attend Concert. At the Memorial Part, of the City Hall. So Glad I Went !. Support Act was Jason Ringenberg. From Sheffield, Illinois. First Couple of Songs, OK. Jason is Also, Farmer Jason, Children Entertainer. Two Songs stand up well, " The Tractor, Goes, Chug, Chug, Chug ", & " Punk Rock Skunk ". He His Appearing at the Lantern Theatre, Sheffield. March 28 th, at 4 - 30. Take Your Children. Take Anybody,s Children. Or Even Go Yourself !. Well Worth Seeing. Jason is Also in the Band, Jason & The Scorcher,s. " Moonshine Guy ", From the CD " Halcyon Times ". Stand Out Track. Was a Good Support Act. Main Event, Ian Hunter. First of Mott The Hoople. He was Brilliant. Playing with Very Good Musician,s. Came on 8 30, off at 10 -45 !. Highlight,s Being " Once Bitten, Twice Shy ", & " Roll Away The Stone ". New Material from CD " When I,M President ". Very Good, as Well. Encore " All the Young Dude,s ", Sends the Punter,s Home Happy. Last Word,s " Goodnight Irene ", plus i bought the tee shirt.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


2-3-13. Finished Work. Sheffield Beer Festival. HOP. Unit 14. West One Plaza. Fitzwilliam Street. Sheffield. Was Trying to Find Venue for Czech Marta Topferova & Band. HOP tried to Accommodate, Without Success. First Drink. Oakwell " Dark Mild ", 3-4 abv. I Like the Brewery. Easy to Drink. Ruby Red Mild. Then Geeves Brewery " Captain Gingerbread ", ( No. Not From Pardubice ! ). Another One From Barnsley. Ginger Wheat Beer, 4-3 abv. Was OK. Have a Walk Round. Go Upstairs with Rat Brewery/ Brew Company. " Brewtown Rat ", 4-4 abv. Belgian Style Wheat Beer, with American Hops. Best Drink of the Day. Musical Entertainment Starts. Good. " Help ", is Sung. One More for the Road. Steel City/ Raw Brewery. " Corrosion Of Conformity ". IPA, 5-8 abv, With Rum Soaked Raisins. Was OK. On Way Home call in " Rare & Racey ". Great Place to Browse. Had Many Good Second Hand LP,S, from Here. Purchase Thelonious Monk. Jazz Classics, Ace Records, CD. Three Pound, a Steal !. So " Help ", None Needed. For Times Like These.