Thursday, 18 April 2013


13/4/13. Now to Meet Long Time Friend Michael. Big Birmingham Brummie Speedway Fan. Meet at the " Post Office Vaults ". 84 New Street. Birmingham B2 4BA. As Name Suggests. Deep Down. So Deep, could not send Mobile Phone SMS. They have Large Selection of Bottled World Beers. 338 to be Precise. Would have Liked Regent Bohemia Dark Lager, CZ. 4-4 abv. Did not want to mix drinks. Michael just back from NZ. Good choice of Real Ales. Started with Titanic " Plum Porter ", 4-9 abv. Not One of their Better ones. Then had Salopian " Oracle ", 4-0 abv. Straw Coloured , US Hopped Beer. Much Better. Repeat the Dose !. Busy Bar for Late Saturday Afternoon. Enjoyed. Ready for Something to Eat. Continue on to Briar Rose. 25 Bennett,s Hill. Birmingham B2 5RE. Wetherspoon,s International Beer Festival, is on. Packed, Lucky to get a Table. Had Half,s of Hawkshead American Red. US, Red Ale. 4-2 abv. And, Good George Pacific Pearl. 5-5 abv. NZ Black IPA. Food Much Needed. American Hot Dog, with Mustard & Chips. Filled a Hole !. One More for The Road !. Conwy Riptide. Another Black IPA. 4-3 ABV. Sheffield & Derby, well Starred for Real Ale. Real Ale Buffs, Know though. Birmingham is Very Under Rated. The Wellington, another Good Bar. This is not even Scratching the Surface. Must Get Train Home Now to Sheffield. Good Day Out, with Pleasant Company.