Thursday, 24 October 2013

BLISS - - - - - UNTIL !.

20-10-2013. Early Start. City Cars Taxi. To National Bus Station, Sheffield. Coach - London. Rain Showers. Leave Coach at Marble Arch. Speakers Corner, In All its Glory. Windy, Turns to Lovely Day. Sunny !. Walk Round the Serpentine & Hyde Park. Family,s, Couples & Tourists. At Their Leisure. Swan,s & Ducks Enjoying the Late Autumn. Bliss. Here to View the Sackler Gallery. Architecture at its Best. As Far as I am Concerned. Designed By Anglo - Iraqi, Zara Hadid. To the Side of Grade 2 Listed Building. A Old Gun Powder Depot. Valuable Addition to the Serpentine Gallery. Nice Photo Opportunity. Or So I Think !. Tourists Take Photos. Its A Given. I Always give them Courtesy. Its Their Memory,s. Just Going to Take My Photo. Man just Ambles Across. Astounded. I Say " Excuse Me ! ". Man, in a Stuffy, Whine Like Way, States " It Is A Public Place ". Sarcasm Not His Greatest Point !. First Reaction. Was to Plant My Fist In His Mouth !. Though I Am a Lover, Not A Fighter !. Think Words Like Prosim, Please, Or Excuse Me. A Better Tactic. Works. See Manners, Cost Nothing.