Monday, 6 January 2014


4/1/2014. Third Round Draw of the FA Cup. Paired the Blades with Premier League Aston Villa. Set Off by Train - Birmingham. Uneventful. Apart from being Locked in Train Compartment. Jolly Jape, By Blades Fans. Escaped, or i would have gone to Reading !. Met Good Friend Michael. In the Wellington, 37 Bennett,s Hill. Birmingham. Blades, Villa, Baggie & Palace Fans Mixed in Good Humour. No Hint of Trouble. Highlight of Bar. Electronic Board. Listing Brewery,s, Beers, & Type. All Beers, are Well Kept. Big Selection. Drank Local, at Reduced Price. Black Country. Pig On The Wall. 4-2. ABV. Saltaire White Christmas. 4-5 ABV. The Upstairs Bar. I had Purity. Mad Goose. 4-2 ABV. Also Available on Tap. CZ Krusovice. Regular Stated it was Good. NHL Fans Boasting their Brand of Hokej. My Czech League Allegiance does not make Me Feel Inferior, in My Opinion. Good Standard !. Leave for Bus to Aston.

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