Sunday, 6 April 2014


Attend Concert at Sheffield City Hall. The Halle. Jamie Phillips Conductor. Before Concert have Klosterbrauerei Scheyern Klosterbock. Brewed in Bavaria, Germany. Red, Brown full of Flavour Beer. 6-5 ABV. Have Seat in Circle Wings. Interesting as Some Orchestra Members come out Earlier then their Colleagues. Jamie Phillips, Assistant Conductor. Musical Director of the Halle Youth Orchestra. Leads Tonight Performance. Concert Begins with Berlioz Overture : Le Carnaval Romain. Two Ideas from the Composer. Overture & Dance from the Roman Carnival. Though his Early Opera Benvenuto Cellini. Was Not Well Received. He Did Rescue Something with this Overture. Music is Light. Enjoyed. One of the Main Reasons i Wanted to See this Concert. Is the Second Piece. Beethoven Concerto NO 3. Piece Dedicated to Prince Louis Ferdinand Of Prussia. Played by Soloist John Lill. Seventy this Year. Heard John on the Radio. Preforming the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no 3. At the Southbank. His Birthday Concert. Interested in his thoughts. That you Learn more things about Individual Musical Pieces. With Age, Hear More things. Plus He Feels there are Too Many Musical Competitions. Though Ludwig was Blown Away by Hearing Mozart,s Piano Concerto NO 24. This is Very Good. When Composing this was Very Down. Because of His Deafness. Been Reading about Beethoven in Praha. In a Novel. Fascinating Stuff. John Does a Great Performance. Especially When Just Himself Playing. Captivating. Was Well Received by the Audience. Interval Taken. Second Half of Concert. Is Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6. " Pathetique ". Heard this at the Rudolfinum, Praha. By the Ceska Filharmonie. Was Memorable. Piece Very Sad. Contemplating Your Life. The Early Years. The Glory Times. Then the Ending. Man with The Cymbals. Enjoying His Part. At End of Concert. Sounded Like Somebody Broke Down. Music is a Very Powerful Force.

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