Saturday, 25 October 2014


13-10-14. Spa,s are Pretty much Part of Czech Life. With Special People Associated with Teplice Too, More So. Being a Carer Entitled Me to a Free Spa Voucher. 1877, Glossop Road Baths, Location. Monday, Wednesday, Delegated Men Days. Booked in £10 Deposit. Returned After Your Session. Really Nice Friendly Staff. Wet & Awful Day. Questionnaire To Fill in. My Glasses Decide to to Give Up the Ghost. Arm Falls Off !. Comical Now. Cannot See !. Have Tour Round. What I can See of it. Three Steam Rooms. Increasing in Heat. Warned Not to Stay in To Long. First One, Could Have Stayed in All Day. Then Ice Room. You Can Rub Ice to Erase Dead Skin. Not on Face Though !. Cannot See. Do Not Want New Features Too. Second Steam Room. Good For Chests. Final Steam Room, Sauna. This Place is Good. In Old Days, Attended Sheaf Valley Public Sauna. Not Nice Customers There. Here Everybody is Fine. You are Left to Your Own Devices. Centre of Room. Palm Tree. Bringing Back Memory,s. Of Sheffield & Rotherham, Tiffany,s. Plunge Pool Too. Enjoyed Will Return. Maybe Also Having Indian Head Massage. Something I Really Lik

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