Friday, 3 April 2015


Make Our Way to Embankment. Then Over Waterloo Foot Bridge. Reach the Royal Festival Hall. Particular Like the Clore Ballroom. Reminds Me of The Blackpool Tower. Have Coffee. Enter the Hayward Gallery at the Southbank Centre. Exhibition " History Is Now ". Seven Artist,s Take on Britain Through the Ages. My Sister Lyn Has Her Photo,s, Blown Up Large. Plus She has Given a Talk. We Are Very Proud Of Her. She Was at Greenham Common, Womens Peace Camp. Lyn,s Photo,s Catch Your Eye as You Enter the Exhibition. Her Work is in Fine Jane & Louise Wilson, British Artists Section. Love the David Beckham ( David ) Digital Video on Plasma Screen, 2004. When He Was Younger, Without Tattoo,s. Like the Brooms. Symbolizes the Clean Up of the 2011 Riots. Plus a Research Photo of Stanley Kubrick,s Unfinished Film " Aryan ". Very Good Stuart Brisley " Gloves ". Suspended in Cage. Each Glove Standing for 66,666 People Out of Work in 1983. Out of the Seven Artists Work. My Favourite is Hannah Starkey. Really Like Photos Showing What it was Like at the DHSS, Birmingham & Brixton, 1984. Before Finishing Tour of This Fascinating Exhibition. Like " Oh Deirdre, That Nasty Ball ", 1976. Plus Admired Artist Barbara Hepworth. Her " Quartet ( Arthroplasty ) 1948.

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