Sunday, 10 May 2015


26-4-15. Breakfast. Quiet. Easy to Navigate Tube. Small Matter of a Little Running Event !. Reach Baker Street. Famous for Sherlock Holmes. Visit Daunt Books. Obtain, Rachael Weiss Book. " The Thing About Prague ". Travel to St Pancras. Purchase Sandwich, For Return Train Journey - Sheffield. Continue on to Euston Tap. Large Selection of Beers Available. Start with Harbour Porter 5-5 ABV. Then Drink from Keg Section. Fine, Bristol Beer Factory, American Dry Stout. 5-5 ABV. Keg Section has Two Bernard CZ Ales. Tempted. Decide on Real Ale, again. Finish with Very Good Siren " Love Of Work ". 3-6 ABV.

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