Wednesday, 14 December 2016


26-11-16. Fine Breakfast at Radisson. Tottenham Court Road. Hard Working & Efficient Dining Staff. Check Out. Late November Sun, In Eye line. Still Wait for Green Man Signal at Pedestrian Crossing. Have Weird Looks. From Fast Living Londoners. When i will Not Cross. Am Far More Used to Not Jay Walking. Or a Fine in Praha !. Go to Daunt Books. Cate Blanchett Marvels at it. In Evening Standard Magazine. She is in Good Company !. Being a Bookworm. Cannot Visit Londyn Without Trying. Purchase, Slovak Writer. Ursula Kovalyk, " The Equestrienne " + Vladislav Vancura " Summer Of Caprice ". Northern Line Tube is Closed Down. Security Alert. So Have to Walk to Euston. For Opening Time at Euston Tap. Sad News Today. Death of World Icon, Fidel Castro. Find it Distasteful . People Celebrating His Death in Miami. Drink Only Half,s. Bernard Light Pilsner. Hopcraft " Corazon De Oro " 5-2 abv. To Finish, Howling Hops " Ruby Red ", 5-2 abv. Raw Londyn November Air. Musical Backdrop in Bar. Cat Stevens " Wild World ". " Where Do You Go To My Lovely " & " The Piano Man ". Take Londyn Train Home To Sheffield. Not Before Glancing at the British Library. Statue by Eduardo Paolozzi Of Newton. Modeled on Blakes Newton. At British Library. Every Printed Book. Has a Cataloging. Very Interesting Fact !. After Reaching Home. Visit Mother. At Signature, Loxley Park. Then Watch Strictly Come Dancing. Addictive.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


25-11-16. Black Friday. Sheffield is Grey. Midlands - London. Winter Sun Shines !. Locate My Radisson Hotel in Fitzrovia. Check in with Lady on Desk, from Estonia. Who also Gives Me Good Directions - Radisson Sister Hotel. In Nearby Bloomsbury. Deserve Drink. Rising Sun. 46 Tottenham Court Road. Fitzrovia. W1T 2ED. Have Free Copy of London Evening Standard. Owner, Evgeny Lebedev. Has Other Title. The Independent. Now Only Available on the Net. Much Missed in Newspaper Content. Evening Standard is a Very Good Read.In A Earlier Rising Sun Visit. Enjoyed a Very Good Pie. Fine Beer Choice Too. Settle For Hackney " Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale " 5-0 abv. Enjoyable Pint !. While The Fun Lasts. Have a Half of Trumans " Blindside ". Golden Ale. 4-3 abv. One Gripe. Barmaid I Think has Got out of the Wrong Side of the Bed !. Milk Would Sour, in Her Mood !. Other Foreign Barmaid, is Fine. Smiles. All Sweetness & Light. Must Return to Hotel. Shower & Change. For the Evening.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


While in Cambridge. My Sister gave Me a Signed Copy. Of " Sandlands ". By Rosy Thornton. Read it with a Open Mind. Found the Book. Very Enjoyable. Suffolk is Not a Area. I Know Very Well. One Day Stay at Ipswich. For a Speedway International Test Match. Cannot Form a Opinion in Such a Short Visit. Heard Many Times. Suffolk is Flat. Reading the Book. This is Not True. Book is Collection of Short Stories. All Set in Suffolk. Featuring among many Things. Nature & Folk Stories. Gives Readers Local Area Knowledge. My Favourite Stories Being. The Watcher Of Souls, The Level Crossing & The Witch Bottle. Wondered if the Author. Considered Putting a Map in the Book. As Many of the Stories Entwine in the Same Area. Think if Translated in to Czech. Book would provide Many Sales. Rosy was My Sisters Tutor. While She Studied in Cambridge. She is Now a Fellow & Tutor at Cambridge, Emmanuel College. She Also Supports Ipswich Town. Football Team. Which is Fine by Me. They Usually. Beat My Rival City Team !. Book Encourages Me. To Read Further Author Content.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


20-10-16. Help Mumbi Man. With Manchester Airport Information. Plus He His also by Coincidence. On My Lufthansa Connecting Flight to Frankfurt. He to See His Family in India. Me to Praha, to See Loved One. Slight Flight Delay. Mean,s I Miss My Connection. There is Worse Place,s to Be Delayed !. Frankfurt Airport. While Huge Hub. Has Everything Anybody Need,s. New Flight Arranged. Being a Lufthansa Problem. Receive a Ten Euro Food Voucher. And, with Some of My Old Euro,s. Buy,s Lunch. Many Place,s to Choose. Settle for Hausmann,s. Terminal 1. 60547, Frankfurt. Order, Soup & Pasta. Whaleworm - Tortella CC. Braised Steinchampignon,s & Green Herb,s. Very Tasty !. Still Suffering with a Bad Cold. Stomach Not Too Great, As Well. Now Order Pot of Mint Tea, Wonderful !. Before Moving to My New Transit Gate. Drink Bottle of Black Nizza, Imperial. Cerne, Beige Head. Dark Fruit,s & Chocolate. Appeal,s to My Palate !. Delay did not Alter My Plan,s Too Much. Planned to Eat in Praha. Though Three Hour,s Late. Still Eaten & Relaxed.

Sunday, 9 October 2016


2-9-16. So, it,s Now on to the Art,s Picturehouse. To View Pedro Almodovar Film " Julieta ". The Art,s Picturehouse. Is a Lovely Cinema. Wish it was My Home Film Venue. Has Charm, plus the Staff are Great. See Film Trailer for " Anthropoid ". Convincing Me to Watch. The Following Week in Sheffield. Tonight,s Film Inspired By a Canadian Book. Almodovar Toyed with the Idea of Filming in English. Have No Problem,s at all with Sub Title,s Though. Film Based in Madrid. Then Far Away on the Spanish Coastline. Female Lead is Played by Two Actor,s. One Younger Life, Other Older. Excellent, Adriana Ugarte & Emma Suarez. Young Julieta is On a Train. Man Comes in to Her Compartment. Begin,s Talking. She Think,s He His Coming on to Her. So She Quickly Leave,s. There Upon She Comes Across a Lusty Fisherman. Who You Guess it. She Fall,s Head Over Heel,s With !. Before Long, Train Run,s in to a Object !. Man Who She Scorned Earlier !. This Did Not Stop Her Though. Romping with the Fisherman on the Train !. Film Continue,s Through Her life. With Harsh Consequence,s. Must Mention Though. The Housekeeper, Creepy is Not the Word !. Sinister, Plus from Hell, Maybe be Better !. Great Cinematography, Plus Fine Soundtrack. On Leaving, Cambridge, Never Looked So Beautiful. In the Rain !. Leave Back Home Next Day. ( 3-9-16 ). Not Before a Christ College, Fine Breakfast. Which is All Sourced within 50 Mile,s in East Anglia. Good Picture Stare,s Down at Me. While Eating. Lord Todd Of Trumingdon, Enjoyed a Excellent Break.

Thursday, 6 October 2016


2-9-16. Relaxing Walk back to Cambridge City Centre. The Previous Evening. After Regal Meal. Noticed the Arts Picturehouse. Two Films on Their Programme. Quite Interested in. Back in the Christ College Grounds. Tonight in the Yusef Hamied Centre. There is a Meeting of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Unwind in My Room. Before Leaving for My Evening Meal. Cau. 15 Benet Street. CB2 3QN. Contemporary Argentine Steak House. Candle Lit Tables. In a Modern Setting. Eat a Medium Pepper Rump Steak. 220G. With Triple Cooked Chunky Chips. Also Have a Long Enjoyable Cau Cooler. Raspberry, Apple, Passion Fruit & Grapes, Drink. Good Attentive Service. Good Musical Background Music.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


2-9-16. At Christ College. Self Service Breakfast. Large Spread. Dvorak Visited Cambridge in 1891. Did a Concert for the Cambridge Music Society. Did Some Shopping. My Sister & Friends have now Returned to Taunton. I Travel via Drummer Parker, Parkside & Mill Road. By Foot. Found Some Interesting Places doing this. Anywhere in the World. Have Some Time to Read on Bridge Street. At Twelve Noon Opening. Am at the Kingston Arms. 33 Kingston Street. CB1 2NU. Good Bar Area & Lovely Beer Garden. Start with Bitter Woodford Wherry ( Norfolk ) 3-8 ABV. Sit in Beer Garden. Over Hear Kitchen Staff. Joking about Porridge !. Amuse & Entertain Myself with Dave Morton,s Fine Book. Eat Nice Ham & Tomato Sandwich with Salad. Spiced with My Favourite Dijon Mustard. Reading about Dave,s Many Injury,s. Dr Hexter,s Healer. Premium ESB Bitter. 5-0 ABV. ( Berkshire ) Seemed Apt !. Its Sunny. Feel Very Relaxed. Fancy a Ice Cream. Have Delicious Three Scoop ( Vanilla, Strawberry, & Blackberry * ). Finish with Hopback. Summer Lightning. Summer Ale. 5-0 ABV. This is The Life !.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Book recording the Speedway Career of Rider, Dave Morton. You Forget How Good He Was. If things had gone his way. He could have been Close to being World Champion. Start with, its Such a Good Read. Purchased at Sheffield Speedway. Forward by Peter Collins MBE. Great Facts & Photographs of his 16 Year Career. Now in Reading Order. Dave, you were so Cruel to your Chris. In Early Life ! ( Bunk Beds ) !. You Purchase a Iconic Jawa, From Sole Importer, at the Time, Barry Briggs. Humour aplenty, Martin Ashby,s Nether Regions Fire, Chris Pusey,s Nickname " Bert Bush Fire ", !. Your Time in Australia. Pusey on the Wrong End again. This Time with a Spider !. Dave has a Faster Bike. A 4 Valve Westlake, in a Jawa Frame. Injury,s were not Kind to Dave. A Broken Leg was Mended by Speedway Guru, Carlo Biagi. He also Cured My Speedway Hero, Shawn Moran. Shawn then Went on to Win the World Longtrack. Becoming Champion at Marianske Lazne, 1983. In 1986. Went to Pocking for the World Pairs. Home now of Shawn. Went to Cheer the USA. They came Second. Sam Ermolenko & Kelly Moran. Though Highlight of the Meeting. Were the Bronze Medal Team. Antonin Kasper & A Certain Slany Native, Roman Matousek !. End of Meeting did Wheelies All Down the Back Straight !. Hope you Do not Mind. Some of My Memory,s Dave !. Back to the Book in Question. Never Liked Mike Patrick. Just Confirms one of My Sayings. Never Trust Anybody From Oxford !. Dave Morton Loves Music Like Me. Dave,s Hero Earl Scrugg,s. Must have Played the Cambridge Music Festival. I Have Attended Many Times. My Highlights Being, Townes Van Zant, Guy Clark, Oi Va Voi, & Mindy Smith. Dave Suffered a Big Tragedy. With the Loss of His Son. Must admit i got Quite Emotional. At this Part of the Book. Remembered my Speedway Loss,s. Miss Sheffield,s, Bernard. Big Fan, as well as Steeped in Music. Will Never Forget his Remarks. Talking about the Rider John Davis. " I Am a Pirate Now ". In rather a Camp Way !. Plus on Our Peterborough Travels " Lightning " !. Adding Jeff Baker. Cartoonist. Had Some Very Good Times Together. In the Czech Republic. Another Sad Loss. Then there is the Rider Simon Wigg. Saw him win the Grand Prix Challenge, in Praha, 1996. Also Saw Roman at End of the Meeting. Friend of Mine. Mad Mark. Sang the National Anthem. To the Words " God Save Simon Wigg ". He was Drunk through Czech Pivo. Though Simon was to Lose His Life in 2000. Another Devastating Blow. Dave continues his Fine Book. Recalling his Ridden Tracks. Never Went to Crewe. Would have Loved it, by All Accounts. Saw Ellesmere Port, just Before it Closed. Very Cold Night Though. Had So many Great Times. At Hackney. Watching the Master, Barry Thomas ! ( Sorry Dave ). Do not Worry about Jeremy Doncaster, Dave. Gerald Short had a few Brush,s with Him Too !. Read this Excellent Book. Mainly on a Cambridge Visit. Now whenever in Cambridge. The Book will be Remembered. Its a Must Read. For Any Speedway Fan. Will Finish in Saying. A Big Thank You, Dave. To Everything You Did for Sheffield Speedway. You are One of the Greats.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


1-9-16. Book in to My Room. At Christ College, Impressed. Change & Shower. Read More of Dave Morton,s Great Book. Me & Sister Lyn. Check Out the Regal, For our Evening Meal. Drink, Fort, Barcelona Session 5-0 ABV. Seated Outside, but are Pestered by Wasps !. Evening Meal at Regal, 38-39 Saint Andrews Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR. Eat with Lyn & Her Friends. Regal is a Wetherspoons Bar. Which is Vast, on a Number of Seating Levels. Have Lovely Ham & Eggs, Chips. Plus More Fort, Barcelona Session Ale. Retire for Early Evening.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


1-9-16. Catch Train to Cambridge, Via Ely. On Journey, Pass March. Plus Wind Turbines on the Skyline. Stop at Waterbeach. New One on Me !. Cambridge Stay is at Christ College. Gods House, Founded in 1437. By William Byngham. Then it was Forced to Move. From the Orginal Site. Re Founded By Lady Margaret Beaufort. Mother of Henry V1L. Only One Word for the Porters, at This College. Fantastic !. Mind My Sister Ply,s them with Flatjack, & Lemon Drizzle Cake !. My Sister, Lyn. Has been Staying Here. Since AUG 30 TH. With Her Friends Chris & Sarah. We Meet & Have Coffee, etc. At Benet,s, 20-21 Kings Parade. CB2 1SP. Seated at Outside Table. I Drink Mocha. Plus Delightful Homemade Chocolate & Orange Cake. Overlooking Historical Kings College. Look Round Nice Cambridge Outside Market. Purchase Packet of Socks. For Mother.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


20-8-16. All this Exhibition Lark. Has Made Me Hungry. Plus a Pivo Would Not Hurt Either. The Mitre. 291 Greenwich High Road. London SE10 8NA. Grade 2 Listed. 18 TH Century Coaching Inn. We Have Some Blades Fans in. So Feel Right at Home. Sheffield United Play this Afternoon. At Nearby Millwall !. Have Fish & Chips. Mushy Peas + Tartare Sauce. Really Like the Paper, Which it is Served in. Just Needed Salt & Vinegar to Taste. Happy as a Sand Boy !. Washed Down with Well Kept. Oakney,s, Dark Island, 4-6 ABV. large Wedding Party is in. Some Cracking Hats !. Wish Fellow Blades Luck. Head Back. Way I Come. On Driver Less, London Dockland Railway,s. Marvel at Apartments, Near Canary Wharf. Who Says there is Not Big Money, in The UK !.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


3-6-16. Say My Goodbyes at the Slovak Embassy. On to Euston. Guess Where I Might be Going ?. Yes, the Euston Tap. On Arrival. Know that Accent, are You From Sheffield ?. Man with His Sister & Friends. He Used to Live at Meersbrook Park. Explained I Visit Ripon. A Couple of Times a Year. He Studied at Ripon University. When it was on Leeds campas. Liked the Ripon Living. Small World !. Drink Cask Siren " Undercurrent ". Oatmeal Pale 4-5 abv. Then to Finish from the Keg Section. Redchurch " Shoreditch Blonde ". 4-5 abv. Nice Weather Allows People. To Drink at Tables & By the Road. Now to Catch My Train Back to Sheffield.

Monday, 6 June 2016


4-6-16. There is No Circle Line. On the Underground. Engineering Work. Go to Oxford Circus. Argyll Arms. 18 Argyll Street. W1F 7TP. 18 th Century Bar. Wooden Panelling & Victorian Snugs. Drink Good " Farne Island " 4-0 abv. Brewed by the Hadrian Border Brewery. Passes Time on to the Slovak Embassy Event.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


4-6-16. Reach London. Wembley Arch Looms out of the Mist. Where Hull City Brought Much Joy. To the Red Side of Sheffield. Top Up My Oyster Card. Move on to Earls Court. Visit, Gusto, 159 Earls Court Road, SW5 9RG. After a once Heavy Night. Was Glad of a Scrambled Eggs Here. Their Sweets Looked Promising. Vowed to Return. So it is a Mocha Coffee. Plus from Dessert Menu. Lovely Strawberry Cheesecake. Nice Relaxing Moments. Reading " Love Letter in Cuneiform ", By Tomas Zmeskal.

Friday, 3 June 2016


20-5-16. Last Concert of the 2015/16 Season. Pre-concert Talk from Trisha Cooper & Noriko Ogawa. She Answered My Question on Musical Interpretation,s. Noriko the Soloist Tonight. From Sheffield,s Twin Town. In Kawasaki, Japan. Came to Fame with the Leeds International Piano Competition. She Does Plenty of Charity Work. Like For the Japan Tsunami Appeal. Plus for Autistic Children. She Does Musical Concerts. Under the Banner Jamies. Autistic Children Cannot Always Relate to Music. Though they Know what is Important to Them. Like their Favourite Biscuits. Bourbons & Custard Creams !. Concert Starts with Stephen Johnson " Behemoth Dances ". Behemoth a Cat- Demon from a Mikhail Bulgakov Novel. Enjoyed it a Lot. Composer Took a Bow After the Piece. Stephen from BBC Radio 3,s " Discovering Music ". Noriko then Played the Lovely. Sergei Rachmaninov " Rhapsody of a Theme of Paganini ". She is very Good. She even plays a Encore. After Chocolate Ice Cream in the Interval. The Concert Continues. With the Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony no 5. Heard in Praha, in March. Was Interested how it Sounded with a Russian Orchestra. Impressed.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


30-4-16. Reach Leamington Spa. First Impressions, Very Nice. Walk Up Promenade. Lansdowne Hotel. Is Easily Found. Get Fine Polska Welcome. Room is Good. Relax & Have Shower. Ready for Something to Eat. Cote Brasserie. Regent Court. Livery Street. Impressive Meet & Greet. Have Window Seat. Drink Coke Cola & Cote Water. Have Excellent Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce. Chips & Personal Favourite, Side Order of Creamed Spinach. Sweet is Delightful Tarte Au Citron. Lemon with Raspberry,s. Topped with Normandy Creme Fraiche. Watch TV at Hotel. Sound Sleep.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


30-4-16. With all the New Railway Developments Happening. The Woodman, New Canal Street. Could be in the Perfect Spot. Barmaid Recommends Urban Huntsmen. " Grandaddy Purple ". Tried Sample. Very Nice. But High abv. Need to Watch, Drink Levels. Drink Dragon Smoke 4.7 abv. By Beowolf. Bar has 8 Real Ales. One from Sheffield, Abbeydale Brewery. Plus 4 Ciders. Must take my Leave. Nice Meeting up with Michael Again. Reach Moor Street Station. With Mins to Spare. For 16-55 Train - Leamington Spa. Great to See Billboards, on Journey Down. Announcing Czech Airline Flights. From Birmingham International - Praha. From April 16.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


30-4-16. Past Czech Ownership. Know Czech/Slovak Birmingham. Have Staged Events. In This Gun Quarter Venue. There are Still the Flags of Czechia, Slovak & Polska, On the Outside. Now a Two Towers Bar. Drink Their Complete Muppetry & Jewellery Porter, 5.0 abv. People Eating. Taking Advantage of the May Bank Holiday Weekend. Pilsner Urquell, Also on Show.

Monday, 2 May 2016


29-4-16. Train to Birmingham New Street. Blade,s Last Away Game. Group of Supporter,s. Seated in Front of Me. Much Banter. Soon to Be Married Chef. Accused of Being Secret " Wendy " Fan !. Meet Friend Michael at Acclaimed " Post Office Vault,s ". Drink Fond of Salopian " Oracle ", 4-0 abv. Follow up with Hobson,s. Dark Nutty Mild. 3-2 abv. Unexpected Rain Fall,s. Venture on to Tilt, City Arcade, Union Street. Clean, Trendy Bar. Good Coffee & Cakes. Craft Beer Range. Drink a Couple of Good. Mondo ( London ). Rider Pale Ale. Bar has Unisex Toilets. Plus Amazing Amount of Pinball Machines. Reminds me of the Warp in Sheffield. So Budding Pinball Wizard,s. You Know Where to Go.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


30-1-16. Gazza Prescott of Hopcraft Fame. Now has Outlet. To Showcase their Brews. Opposite Cardiff Castle on Kingsway. Which once was the Barfly. Downstairs Bar is Very Welcoming. Fine Large Selection Of Beers. Sheffield,s Blue Bee & Czech Staropramen, among Many. I drink Hopcraft " Cascade", The Whole Pack Project. 3-9 abv. Refreshing, easy to Drink. Plus Urban Huntsman " Side By Side " Porter. 4-5 abv. Much Enjoyed. Bar has Nice Feel. Banner Showing Brewery, The Hopstore. Newland. Worcestershire. Pine Tables. Two TV Screens. Good Music. Visit to Gents Toilet. Produces Novel Use of Beer Casks. Impressed.

Sunday, 31 January 2016


30-1-16. Train - Birmingham. Then Two Carriage Train - Cardiff. Sardine Like !. Horse Racing at Cheltenham. Rugby at Gloucester. Also, not withstanding. Cardiff, Very Big with Weekend,s. Beer & Clubbing. Young People Just Having a Good Time !. My Stay at the Royal Hotel. In Good Location. Ready to Eat. Cardiff Cottage. Steak & Ale Pie. Chips, Peas, & Gravy Boat. Really Like Brain,s Beer. So its a Bit of a No Brainer. To Partake. Brains SA 4-2 ABV. One & Half Pints Worth !. Bread of Heaven, indeed !. Talk to Nice Scottish Man & His Family. Who has Moved to Cardiff. Been Here 12 Years !. Three PM Check in, for Hotel. Nice Room. Watch FA Cup Results on TV. The Mighty Wendy are Beaten by Shrewsbury. Plus Serena Williams Loses in Australia. Well Happy !.