Sunday, 31 January 2016


30-1-16. Train - Birmingham. Then Two Carriage Train - Cardiff. Sardine Like !. Horse Racing at Cheltenham. Rugby at Gloucester. Also, not withstanding. Cardiff, Very Big with Weekend,s. Beer & Clubbing. Young People Just Having a Good Time !. My Stay at the Royal Hotel. In Good Location. Ready to Eat. Cardiff Cottage. Steak & Ale Pie. Chips, Peas, & Gravy Boat. Really Like Brain,s Beer. So its a Bit of a No Brainer. To Partake. Brains SA 4-2 ABV. One & Half Pints Worth !. Bread of Heaven, indeed !. Talk to Nice Scottish Man & His Family. Who has Moved to Cardiff. Been Here 12 Years !. Three PM Check in, for Hotel. Nice Room. Watch FA Cup Results on TV. The Mighty Wendy are Beaten by Shrewsbury. Plus Serena Williams Loses in Australia. Well Happy !.