Tuesday, 2 February 2016


30-1-16. Gazza Prescott of Hopcraft Fame. Now has Outlet. To Showcase their Brews. Opposite Cardiff Castle on Kingsway. Which once was the Barfly. Downstairs Bar is Very Welcoming. Fine Large Selection Of Beers. Sheffield,s Blue Bee & Czech Staropramen, among Many. I drink Hopcraft " Cascade", The Whole Pack Project. 3-9 abv. Refreshing, easy to Drink. Plus Urban Huntsman " Side By Side " Porter. 4-5 abv. Much Enjoyed. Bar has Nice Feel. Banner Showing Brewery, The Hopstore. Newland. Worcestershire. Pine Tables. Two TV Screens. Good Music. Visit to Gents Toilet. Produces Novel Use of Beer Casks. Impressed.

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