Tuesday, 17 May 2016


30-4-16. Reach Leamington Spa. First Impressions, Very Nice. Walk Up Promenade. Lansdowne Hotel. Is Easily Found. Get Fine Polska Welcome. Room is Good. Relax & Have Shower. Ready for Something to Eat. Cote Brasserie. Regent Court. Livery Street. Impressive Meet & Greet. Have Window Seat. Drink Coke Cola & Cote Water. Have Excellent Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce. Chips & Personal Favourite, Side Order of Creamed Spinach. Sweet is Delightful Tarte Au Citron. Lemon with Raspberry,s. Topped with Normandy Creme Fraiche. Watch TV at Hotel. Sound Sleep.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


30-4-16. With all the New Railway Developments Happening. The Woodman, New Canal Street. Could be in the Perfect Spot. Barmaid Recommends Urban Huntsmen. " Grandaddy Purple ". Tried Sample. Very Nice. But High abv. Need to Watch, Drink Levels. Drink Dragon Smoke 4.7 abv. By Beowolf. Bar has 8 Real Ales. One from Sheffield, Abbeydale Brewery. Plus 4 Ciders. Must take my Leave. Nice Meeting up with Michael Again. Reach Moor Street Station. With Mins to Spare. For 16-55 Train - Leamington Spa. Great to See Billboards, on Journey Down. Announcing Czech Airline Flights. From Birmingham International - Praha. From April 16.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


30-4-16. Past Czech Ownership. Know Czech/Slovak Birmingham. Have Staged Events. In This Gun Quarter Venue. There are Still the Flags of Czechia, Slovak & Polska, On the Outside. Now a Two Towers Bar. Drink Their Complete Muppetry & Jewellery Porter, 5.0 abv. People Eating. Taking Advantage of the May Bank Holiday Weekend. Pilsner Urquell, Also on Show.

Monday, 2 May 2016


29-4-16. Train to Birmingham New Street. Blade,s Last Away Game. Group of Supporter,s. Seated in Front of Me. Much Banter. Soon to Be Married Chef. Accused of Being Secret " Wendy " Fan !. Meet Friend Michael at Acclaimed " Post Office Vault,s ". Drink Fond of Salopian " Oracle ", 4-0 abv. Follow up with Hobson,s. Dark Nutty Mild. 3-2 abv. Unexpected Rain Fall,s. Venture on to Tilt, City Arcade, Union Street. Clean, Trendy Bar. Good Coffee & Cakes. Craft Beer Range. Drink a Couple of Good. Mondo ( London ). Rider Pale Ale. Bar has Unisex Toilets. Plus Amazing Amount of Pinball Machines. Reminds me of the Warp in Sheffield. So Budding Pinball Wizard,s. You Know Where to Go.