Monday, 2 May 2016


29-4-16. Train to Birmingham New Street. Blade,s Last Away Game. Group of Supporter,s. Seated in Front of Me. Much Banter. Soon to Be Married Chef. Accused of Being Secret " Wendy " Fan !. Meet Friend Michael at Acclaimed " Post Office Vault,s ". Drink Fond of Salopian " Oracle ", 4-0 abv. Follow up with Hobson,s. Dark Nutty Mild. 3-2 abv. Unexpected Rain Fall,s. Venture on to Tilt, City Arcade, Union Street. Clean, Trendy Bar. Good Coffee & Cakes. Craft Beer Range. Drink a Couple of Good. Mondo ( London ). Rider Pale Ale. Bar has Unisex Toilets. Plus Amazing Amount of Pinball Machines. Reminds me of the Warp in Sheffield. So Budding Pinball Wizard,s. You Know Where to Go.

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