Wednesday, 8 June 2016


3-6-16. Say My Goodbyes at the Slovak Embassy. On to Euston. Guess Where I Might be Going ?. Yes, the Euston Tap. On Arrival. Know that Accent, are You From Sheffield ?. Man with His Sister & Friends. He Used to Live at Meersbrook Park. Explained I Visit Ripon. A Couple of Times a Year. He Studied at Ripon University. When it was on Leeds campas. Liked the Ripon Living. Small World !. Drink Cask Siren " Undercurrent ". Oatmeal Pale 4-5 abv. Then to Finish from the Keg Section. Redchurch " Shoreditch Blonde ". 4-5 abv. Nice Weather Allows People. To Drink at Tables & By the Road. Now to Catch My Train Back to Sheffield.

Monday, 6 June 2016


4-6-16. There is No Circle Line. On the Underground. Engineering Work. Go to Oxford Circus. Argyll Arms. 18 Argyll Street. W1F 7TP. 18 th Century Bar. Wooden Panelling & Victorian Snugs. Drink Good " Farne Island " 4-0 abv. Brewed by the Hadrian Border Brewery. Passes Time on to the Slovak Embassy Event.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


4-6-16. Reach London. Wembley Arch Looms out of the Mist. Where Hull City Brought Much Joy. To the Red Side of Sheffield. Top Up My Oyster Card. Move on to Earls Court. Visit, Gusto, 159 Earls Court Road, SW5 9RG. After a once Heavy Night. Was Glad of a Scrambled Eggs Here. Their Sweets Looked Promising. Vowed to Return. So it is a Mocha Coffee. Plus from Dessert Menu. Lovely Strawberry Cheesecake. Nice Relaxing Moments. Reading " Love Letter in Cuneiform ", By Tomas Zmeskal.

Friday, 3 June 2016


20-5-16. Last Concert of the 2015/16 Season. Pre-concert Talk from Trisha Cooper & Noriko Ogawa. She Answered My Question on Musical Interpretation,s. Noriko the Soloist Tonight. From Sheffield,s Twin Town. In Kawasaki, Japan. Came to Fame with the Leeds International Piano Competition. She Does Plenty of Charity Work. Like For the Japan Tsunami Appeal. Plus for Autistic Children. She Does Musical Concerts. Under the Banner Jamies. Autistic Children Cannot Always Relate to Music. Though they Know what is Important to Them. Like their Favourite Biscuits. Bourbons & Custard Creams !. Concert Starts with Stephen Johnson " Behemoth Dances ". Behemoth a Cat- Demon from a Mikhail Bulgakov Novel. Enjoyed it a Lot. Composer Took a Bow After the Piece. Stephen from BBC Radio 3,s " Discovering Music ". Noriko then Played the Lovely. Sergei Rachmaninov " Rhapsody of a Theme of Paganini ". She is very Good. She even plays a Encore. After Chocolate Ice Cream in the Interval. The Concert Continues. With the Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony no 5. Heard in Praha, in March. Was Interested how it Sounded with a Russian Orchestra. Impressed.