Thursday, 22 September 2016


20-8-16. All this Exhibition Lark. Has Made Me Hungry. Plus a Pivo Would Not Hurt Either. The Mitre. 291 Greenwich High Road. London SE10 8NA. Grade 2 Listed. 18 TH Century Coaching Inn. We Have Some Blades Fans in. So Feel Right at Home. Sheffield United Play this Afternoon. At Nearby Millwall !. Have Fish & Chips. Mushy Peas + Tartare Sauce. Really Like the Paper, Which it is Served in. Just Needed Salt & Vinegar to Taste. Happy as a Sand Boy !. Washed Down with Well Kept. Oakney,s, Dark Island, 4-6 ABV. large Wedding Party is in. Some Cracking Hats !. Wish Fellow Blades Luck. Head Back. Way I Come. On Driver Less, London Dockland Railway,s. Marvel at Apartments, Near Canary Wharf. Who Says there is Not Big Money, in The UK !.

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