Thursday, 6 October 2016


2-9-16. Relaxing Walk back to Cambridge City Centre. The Previous Evening. After Regal Meal. Noticed the Arts Picturehouse. Two Films on Their Programme. Quite Interested in. Back in the Christ College Grounds. Tonight in the Yusef Hamied Centre. There is a Meeting of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Unwind in My Room. Before Leaving for My Evening Meal. Cau. 15 Benet Street. CB2 3QN. Contemporary Argentine Steak House. Candle Lit Tables. In a Modern Setting. Eat a Medium Pepper Rump Steak. 220G. With Triple Cooked Chunky Chips. Also Have a Long Enjoyable Cau Cooler. Raspberry, Apple, Passion Fruit & Grapes, Drink. Good Attentive Service. Good Musical Background Music.

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