Sunday, 9 October 2016


2-9-16. So, it,s Now on to the Art,s Picturehouse. To View Pedro Almodovar Film " Julieta ". The Art,s Picturehouse. Is a Lovely Cinema. Wish it was My Home Film Venue. Has Charm, plus the Staff are Great. See Film Trailer for " Anthropoid ". Convincing Me to Watch. The Following Week in Sheffield. Tonight,s Film Inspired By a Canadian Book. Almodovar Toyed with the Idea of Filming in English. Have No Problem,s at all with Sub Title,s Though. Film Based in Madrid. Then Far Away on the Spanish Coastline. Female Lead is Played by Two Actor,s. One Younger Life, Other Older. Excellent, Adriana Ugarte & Emma Suarez. Young Julieta is On a Train. Man Comes in to Her Compartment. Begin,s Talking. She Think,s He His Coming on to Her. So She Quickly Leave,s. There Upon She Comes Across a Lusty Fisherman. Who You Guess it. She Fall,s Head Over Heel,s With !. Before Long, Train Run,s in to a Object !. Man Who She Scorned Earlier !. This Did Not Stop Her Though. Romping with the Fisherman on the Train !. Film Continue,s Through Her life. With Harsh Consequence,s. Must Mention Though. The Housekeeper, Creepy is Not the Word !. Sinister, Plus from Hell, Maybe be Better !. Great Cinematography, Plus Fine Soundtrack. On Leaving, Cambridge, Never Looked So Beautiful. In the Rain !. Leave Back Home Next Day. ( 3-9-16 ). Not Before a Christ College, Fine Breakfast. Which is All Sourced within 50 Mile,s in East Anglia. Good Picture Stare,s Down at Me. While Eating. Lord Todd Of Trumingdon, Enjoyed a Excellent Break.

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