Tuesday, 4 October 2016


2-9-16. At Christ College. Self Service Breakfast. Large Spread. Dvorak Visited Cambridge in 1891. Did a Concert for the Cambridge Music Society. Did Some Shopping. My Sister & Friends have now Returned to Taunton. I Travel via Drummer Parker, Parkside & Mill Road. By Foot. Found Some Interesting Places doing this. Anywhere in the World. Have Some Time to Read on Bridge Street. At Twelve Noon Opening. Am at the Kingston Arms. 33 Kingston Street. CB1 2NU. Good Bar Area & Lovely Beer Garden. Start with Bitter Woodford Wherry ( Norfolk ) 3-8 ABV. Sit in Beer Garden. Over Hear Kitchen Staff. Joking about Porridge !. Amuse & Entertain Myself with Dave Morton,s Fine Book. Eat Nice Ham & Tomato Sandwich with Salad. Spiced with My Favourite Dijon Mustard. Reading about Dave,s Many Injury,s. Dr Hexter,s Healer. Premium ESB Bitter. 5-0 ABV. ( Berkshire ) Seemed Apt !. Its Sunny. Feel Very Relaxed. Fancy a Ice Cream. Have Delicious Three Scoop ( Vanilla, Strawberry, & Blackberry * ). Finish with Hopback. Summer Lightning. Summer Ale. 5-0 ABV. This is The Life !.

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